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Our Chef

Lanny Marquez

Chef Lanny has been cooking in the industry since the age of fifteen, where he was first immersed in the smells sounds and tastes of the culinary world. Lanny comes from a family of chefs, as his father and brother both run kitchens. Having grown up in California he has always had a passion for the LA Taco culture, the melting pot of culinary traditions. Lanny has worked alongside great chefs and cooks, exchanging recipes and creating fresh takes on original staples along the way. Lanny's culinary vision for Roadside Taco is to have a complete immersion in the best roadside tacos stands throughout Mexico. Lanny formerly worked as the Executive Chef at Rosa Mexicano before he became a partner in Roadside Taco. 

Chef Lanny
Taco Platter
Taco Prep
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